Support Us

Whitehall Choir is a registered charity and relies largely on subscriptions paid by members, donations from our loyal supporters, Gift Aid, and sales of tickets to our concerts. The operating costs of the choir are met by the members. The Choir aims to use central London venues, talented young soloists and professional orchestras for public performance. Whilst this promotes excellent concerts, it is very expensive, and ticket sales do not always cover the costs.

We do need additional support to ensure that we can maintain a mix of familiar and lesser known works in our concert repertoire, organise choral workshops, Come & Sing events, and tours, invest in recording projects or young musicians.

There are many ways of supporting the choir, being involved, and helping safeguard its future:

  1. Join our mailing list to keep in touch with what’s going on. Register by entering your email address at the bottom of this page. You will receive regular email newsletters including notice of future concerts and events.
  2. Come to our concerts, buy our CDs, give us feedback about what you like.
  3. Become a Patron or join the Friends. Click for more information or an application form
  4. Make a donation – either in support of a particular concert, or performer, or in support of a choir member with a reduced subscription, or add to the choir’s Jubilee Fund – contact
  5. Generate funds from your everyday purchases on-line:
    • If you buy from Amazon via one of the links at the foot of each page on this website, the choir receives a commission
    • If you use EasyFundraising, the choir receives a donation
  6. Sponsor the Choir – advertise in our concert programmes, engage us to sing in a corporate or social event. The choir has a vast repertoire, including, for example, a large number of Christmas carols. Contact
  7. Sing with us, attend our Come & Sing events, or become a member. Contact
  8. Volunteer to help the Choir at concerts – for example, by selling tickets and programmes front of house. Contact